About Us

Our founder, Dr. Lisa Benya has 17 years of experience with all phases of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, from acute detox all the way through long term sobriety maintenance.  She is currently the medical director for many rehabilitation facilities in Malibu.   Dr. Benya has also developed a successful home detox program for those unwilling to go to a facility.  Her program has been developed and perfected with years of successful home detoxing.  Dr. Lisa Benya has successfully detoxed over 30,000 patients.

“For years our team has been providing a safe detox method for the local Malibu community, and many of the rehabilitation facilities in Malibu.  Our group of doctors, psychologist, nutritionist, and sobriety experts live and work in the Malibu sobriety community.  We use different methods to achieve a safe detox, and now we are offering this system to use at home based on our experiences in Malibu.”

Dr. Lisa Benya