What is DocTox?

DocTox is a home detox and rehabilitation program for those who are abusing or addicted to drugs and alcohol.


A private and convenient way to detox at home.  We use a private and secure video chat system with any smartphone, tablet or computer to connect with our medical physicians, and psychiatrist during the detox period and afterwards.  We utilize the latest wearable medical devices to provide our doctors with crucial data to detox safely and comfortably.


A program that has be perfected over the years in Malibu and used by many of the rehabilitation centers in Malibu.  This is a successfully proven method of detox developed by our founder, Dr. Lisa Benya and her team of addiction experts, with decades of experience.



After detox we offer a service to help maintain your sobriety.  Our aftercare program can be used at home, work, and on the road.  We provide you with all you’ll need to help maintain sobriety.



Sobriety is a state of mind.  You can do this by interacting with our medical team with private video chats, texts and phone calls.



Get fit, get healthy, keep active

We provide medical wearable monitoring devices.   Allowing us to monitor your progress and health.


Joan Borsten, and renowned addiction expert & Dr. Lisa Benya will prepare monthly diet programs based on your addiction, health, season and geographic location.

Malibu Beach Recovery Diet