Why Use DocTox?

We are in the business of sobriety and have been treating clients in Malibu, California for decades.  Now we are bringing our program conveniently to the privacy of your home.


Our founder and her team have successfully detoxed over 30,000 people at home and in rehabilitation facilities.  We have an approach that works and is convenient and affordable to everyone using a smartphone, tablet or computer.   With our protocols and procedures using video chats we can successfully detox you off alcohol or drugs.  Keep it private from your friends, family, employer and insurance company.  Take care of this in privacy.   We offer a easy to use program that will help you towards your goals of sobriety.  You can use our service at work, home, and when on the road.

“It starts with you.  I will help you detox, and maintain sobriety.  You must be committed to get healthy and sober.  This is a doctor inspired lifestyle of sobriety”

Dr. Lisa Benya